Welcome to One Academy

The One Academy training actvitiy on your XO is our way of teaching you how to get the most out of your little green machines. As Sugar and the XO are designed from the ground up for children, they look and act a little differently to what you might expect. That's okay though, this page will teach you how to open your XO and get to the training activity so that you can become XO-certified as quickly as possible!

Getting Started with a New XO

Now that you have your new XO, it's time to open it up, start the One Academy activity and begin learning what it's all about.

Open your XO

Turn the XO so that the edge with the handle is furthest away from you.

Locate the antenna "ears" folded away on the sides.

Swivel the "ears" up and towards you. This unlocks the XO.

Grip at the edge closest to you, and lift it open like a laptop.

Press the power button to the lower right of the screen!

Start One Academy

Once you have turned on and set up your XO, you'll want to open the One Academy training activity.

Look for the One Academy shield icon, and click it in order to start the activity and begin learning everything you need to know about your XO!

Download the One Academy Handbook

All the information in this handbook is contained in the One Academy training activity, but you can download and print this if you prefer to have a physical reference.


Having trouble with proxies?

Every school network connects to the Internet via a special proxy server provided by the Department of Education. If you're trying to connect to the Internet on your XO at school, you will likely need to provide the XO with more information than just the wi-fi password.

If you don't know your proxy details, your school ICT support will be able to assist you.

Cog Cog Cog

Once you have your proxy details...

Different states use their proxies in different ways, follow the instructions specific to your state by clicking the links below:

If you are in ACT, VIC, SA, NT or WA please click here.

If you are in NSW please click here.

If you are in Queensland please click here.

If you run into trouble, please contact us via:
1800 ONE EDU (663 338)

Getting back to English

If an XO in your care has been (mischievously or accidentally) set to a language you don't understand, then follow the steps below.

Click the XO icon.

Pictured on the left, you can find it on your home screen.

Click the My Settings option.

Even in another language, it will always be at the bottom of the list, with a wrench icon.

Select the Language option, choose a new language.

The language option is represented by a world map. After you select your desired language from the drop down, click the tick button.

To purchase additional accessories call us 1800 ONE EDU (663 338)


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