Introducing One Academy

To help classrooms unlock the full potential of the XO, we’ve created One Academy – a supportive and inspiring learning framework for XO users. It’s a system that rewards adults and children for learning specific XO-related skills, from the very basic to the very advanced. One Academy is designed to make learning fun, engaging and rewarding, and to encourage participants to keep adding to their skill set.

How does it work?

One Academy aims to encourage continuous learning with ongoing recognition. One Academy has been designed for both adults (usually teachers or community members) and children alike.



Students can become XO-champions by learning how to update software, use the XO-power rack, and even troubleshoot basic questions for new users – as well as attend school regularly.



Like Champions, Mechanics are the first line of technical support. Students who become Mechanics display the ability to not only upgrade software, but replace an XOs battery, screen or keyboard.



Teachers (and other grown-ups) are able to become XO-basics qualified by taking a short 2-hour course on the XO itself via the One Academy Activity. An XO-basics qualification shows that you know how to operate and use an XO!



Once XO-basics is complete, any teacher that requires XOs to be delivered to their classroom must first become XO-certified. This involves completing a short assessment demonstrating how the teacher will use XOs in their classroom.

Training on the XO

As Sugar and the XO are designed from the ground up for children, they look and act a little differently to what you might expect. Fortunately, the new One Academy course on the XO takes around 2 hours to complete on average.

Get Started

Step 1

Open your XO

Turn the XO so that the edge with the handle is furthest away from you.

Locate the antenna “ears” folded away on the sides.

Swivel the “ears” up and towards you. This unlocks the XO.

Grip at the edge closest to you, and lift it open like a laptop.

Press the power button to the lower right of the screen!

Step 2

Start One Academy

Once you have turned on and set up your XO, you’ll want to open the One Academy training activity.

Look for the One Academy shield icon, and click it in order to start the activity and begin learning everything you need to know about your XO!