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You can read more about the Infinity:Concept here. ...the short story is that Microsoft put us in touch with manufacturers that could make the Infinity:Concept a reality, however the lead times and cost to reach a classroom suitable device were prohibitive, and we needed one of these manufacturers to go on the journey with us. We’ve now found that partner, and the Infinity:One is the first step on that journey towards creating the Infinity:Concept.
The next Infinity:One batch is expected to ship before 2 business days. That's not too far away!
At the moment, the Infinity:One is only available in Australia. We intend to ship internationally in the future though - so keep an eye on this space!
A standard 12 month manufacturer warranty applies. Please check out our Warranty page for further info.
We are currently working to get both Android and Linux supported on the Infinity:One! Our aim is to provide your choice of operating system, and Windows 10 is just the beginning.
The Infinity:One with Windows 10 will simply download updates over the Internet. No more messing about with USB sticks.
Schools who purchase the Infinity:One are eligible to attend regular interactive training and troubleshooting webinars. Schools and individuals will both receive web and phone based support for 3 years after purchase.
Tie a very long piece of string between two cans, and then post one of those cans to Sydney, Australia. Seriously though, here's our contact page.

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