Infinity:One for Schools
Designed with schools, for classrooms.

Everything you need to run a classroom. Included free with classroom sets.

Putting computers in classrooms isn't the whole picture.
Those devices need to stay charged, and teachers need to be empowered with tools that let them manage digital classrooms with confidence. Boost your student technology skills, but ensure they have boundaries as well.

Most importantly, when you purchase a full classroom set of Infinity:One computers we'll give you the tools you need to manage them.
Charging Rack
The Infinity:Power safely charges up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Meet the Infinity:Power

No more powerboards
Featuring surge protection, overcharging detection and more.
Charging status lights
See when a device is charged, and charge up to 10 devices at the same time.
Don't pay thousands
In fact, when you order 10 or more devices you'll get an Infinity:Power free of charge.
Power up!
Don't let device charging be a hassle in your classroom. Stay powered up safely and efficiently - without breaking the bank.
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Classroom Management
Take control and see your student screens in real time.

Lead the way with Scout

Watch Out
See student screens
Put the super in supervision and see every student's screen at the same time.
Take Control
Guide from your desk
Show your students how something is done or step in and stop bad behaviour.
Call Attention
Eyes to the front
Pause every computer simultaneously and focus attention where it's needed.
The teacher is in charge.
Technology doesn't have to be a distraction. Let Scout empower you to take control of your classroom.

Free with classroom sets.
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Digital Marking
Mark, organise and share student work from OneNote.

Welcome to Harvest

Show Off
Share work easily
Whether it's to a colleague or a parent, share your student's best work.
Track and Measure
Use curriculum outcomes
Make sure your class is ticking each and every box throughout the year.
Cloud Archive
Work is safely stored
Every piece of work you mark is saved into your class portfolio in the cloud.
Integrated with OneNote.
OneNote is an incredible learning tool - digital exercise books for every student - and Harvest makes it easy to mark them.

Try Harvest free on the Office Store.
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School Support
Staff training and no nonsense warranty

Shield is more than support

Get Trained
Accredited Personal Development
Our web-based staff training will get your teachers up to speed.
Be Looked After
3 Year Warranty
Extra long warranties for large orders. Not going big? You'll still get 12 months.
Call Me Sometime
Phone and Chat Support
36 months of on phone and online support, for any question big or small.
Get your students involved.
Need help maintaining devices in your school? Incentivise students with our certificates and badges to become Infinity:Experts and lend you hand!

Build student confidence with technology.
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There's a reason the Infinity:One is used by hundreds of schools around Australia.

One Education has delivered over 60,000 computers to schools in the last 7 years. We've learned how to keep your students learning.
We're so confident, we'll send you a free trial Infinity:One.
No risk, we pay the shipping both ways.
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