Infinity in the school

Ready for both work and play, the Infinity has been designed to make technology in the classroom as seamless as possible. With an included keyboard and specially designed charging rack, you won’t believe what Infinity can do for your class until you try it out.


From Google Apps to Microsoft 365, from ClassDojo to myEd, there are all kinds of collaborative learning tools out there for you and your students to take advantage of - use the ones that you like. Bring your students together and watch the sum become greater than the parts.

Charge together

The Infinity:Power is a cost-effective charging solution able to hold up to 10 Infinity:One computers simultaneously. Safe and easy to use, anyone can plug in.

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See what's happening with the Infinity:One around Australia!

Problems solved

There are no hidden costs when your purchase a classroom set of Infinity devices. Every Infinity comes with a keyboard, and is both drop resistant and water resistant. Our charging station is so simple and safe even a child can set one up.

One Academy

Don’t just teach your students with computers, teach them about computers. One Academy is a training program for students and teachers alike that contains everything you need to know about the Infinity:One, and how to make it work. Build a support team in your own school, made up of your own students.

Infinity in the home

You think the Infinity:One sounds pretty good in the classroom? It’s great at home too. Order your Infinity:One today, and start expanding the possibilities of both learning and play.