A better way to warranty

A quick turn-around replacement programme that ensures you have an Infinity in the rare event that something goes wrong - regardless of whose fault it is. By using a careful refurbishment and repair process, we're able to quickly send out replacement units while simultaneously reducing e-waste.

Find out how Infinity:Loop works, process a return, or check out our warranty policy below.

Standard free 12-month warranty and Australian consumer law guarantees still apply. All customers receive 36 months of online and phone support.

What if there's a fault within warranty?

If your tablet or keyboard dock experiences a hardware fault within 60 days of purchase, we will replace it with a brand new unit - free of charge. If you experience a hardware fault beyond 60 days, and before your warranty expires, we will replace the faulty unit with a factory renewed product that has gone through the same stringent manufacturing processes as a new Infinity:One.

What if I break it?

If your warranty has expired, or your issue is not covered by warranty, then we will replace your hardware with a factory renewed unit for a reduced fee:

Tablet & Charger: $140 + shipping (+GST)

Keyboard Dock: $70 + shipping (+GST)


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