We use technology to empower educators to lead and inspire children to learn


How it works


Sign-up their school to receive XOs, peripherals and a training program for teachers and children.


Next we ship XOs to classroom teachers to complete XO-certified training. The training is a crucial step to ensuring the XOs are a meaningful addition to the classroom.


As each teacher is XO-certified, we will ship XOs for their classroom – this is when the fun begins.


As XOs begin to roll-out across the school there are numerous opportunities for Parents, Children and Community Members to gain official status in the program.




Created by experts from industry and academia, the XO is designed combining the latest innovations in technology and learning. The XO is tough enough to withstand the most extreme real life conditions, yet smart enough to host a range of fun and intelligent features.


XO-system (XOS) is based on the award winning Sugar Learning Platform and promotes collaborative learning through Activities that encourage critical thinking, the heart of a quality education.


XO-power (XOP) is a novel solution to a common problem – charging and storing multiple computers. Developed specifically for XOs, it allows classrooms to safely charge up to 25 XOs from a single standard 240V mains outlet.


The XO-repair (XOR) was designed to provide classrooms with a basic set of spare parts for their XOs. When combined with the XO-mechanics, this kit transforms children into local support experts. Every classroom receives an XO-repair kit.



One Academy

In the rush to get technology into our classrooms all too often we forget the human element. That’s why have One Academy, a place for humans to unlock the full potential of the XO – a supportive and inspiring learning environment for adults and children alike!


The XO-expert program is the most rigorous professional development program available anywhere in the world for the XO. This program allows XO-experts to run local workshops for all other qualifications.


The XO-champion program recognises children who provide support to their teacher and/or fellow classmates. Any child can become an XO-champion providing they are competent in using the XO, are able to assist their peers, and attend school regularly.


What better way to learn the basics of the XO than on an XO? The program has been designed for parents and teachers alike allowing them to understand the basics of the XO in just a few hours.


Big Data: We use technology to measure our impact


We have 50,000 XOs to ship to schools, at any given time we know how many XOs are committed and how many left we can offer to eligible schools.

One Academy

We track the progress of teachers as they complete training so we know when to ship XOs to their classrooms!


We geocoded every primary school in Australia so we could be more informed on how best to support schools participating in One Education.

Live Statistics

The statistics that really matter are those from XOs shipped to schools. Every week XOs out in the field report back how they are assisting children in learning!


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