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An infinitely expandable experience.

A future oriented device.


With four modules forming its core parts, the Infinity is infinitely expandable and obsolete-proof. You can replace or upgrade modules individually at a fraction of the cost of the entire device.

You can also create a module tailored to your needs by connecting a Raspberry Pi or Chromebit to the Infinity through the USB-C ports.

The Infinity is both a laptop and a tablet combined. Detach the screen, and start interacting with the tablet. With a built-in accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope, you can use the Infinity in a variety of classroom exercises.

Revolutionary & Universal

The Infinity provides an innovative style of interacting with technology. The Infinity is a system architecture, not a particular device. Its modularity allows the tablet to transform into a laptop. A given Infinity may have different screen, battery, and even core modules installed over its lifetime. You are in control of what gets upgraded, and when.

Much of the world can't afford to upgrade even the cheapest phone every couple of years, but modular gadgets can turn upgrades from a major expense to a minor tweak.

Save More, Now & Forever

Cost Over Time



Budget Android




Buying an Infinity means buying a complete package. Your drop safe cover is included, the keyboard is included, there are no hidden costs. The modular design means that when the time comes to upgrade, you only upgrade what you need and there's no need to replace the whole device. Whether you're comparing against the most popular devices on the market, or something more economical you'll find the Infinity wins out every time.



8.9 inch
Resolution: 2560 x 1600




1.5 GHz Quad Core



Size & Weight

Height: 188.5mm
Width: 264.5mm
Length: 245mm
Thickness: 40.8mm
Weight: 1.5kg


2MP Front & 5MP Rear


Dual Mode Audio In/Out (External)

Touch Technology

Multitouch Capacitive

Operating System

Android Lollipop
Windows & Linux Coming Soon

Battery & Power

USB-C Connector

Our Story

A child born today without access to technology in their formative years risks missing out on social and economic opportunities later in life. Over an entire childhood, the cost of adopting technology and keeping it up to date is so high, that it prohibits ubiquitous access to technology, and creates a digital divide.

In our travels we stumbled upon a challenge that was too difficult to ignore, and impossible to resist: creating a computer that helps to eradicate the digital divide.

Reserve now to receive pre-launch pricing.

$249 - $299 USD

You will not be charged for reserving.
Does not include tax or shipping fees.
Actual price dependant on module selection